Private Health Insurance – Best in the UK?

bupa cost per monthHeath cover insurance in the UK will vary in price and type of quality cover from company to company.

All that you want is the best price for the best healthcare cover and get more for your money per month. Make a top 5 list of what you’d like your cover to have, maybe it’s location of hospitals near to your home, facilities or equipment available, the contract length or maybe none of these.

AXA QuoteIf you find the best healthcare company you’ll then be able to tweak your monthly cost by adjusting the excess as this can also have an impact on cost – like car insurance having a higher excess makes cover cheaper. An example of this take BUPA, monthly costs are roughly £26 per month with a £400 excess for our 32 year old, but if you pay £39 per month for a zero excess you don’t have to pay any excess.

SO over all finding the best health insurance cover / cost will all depend on what your priorities are, whether you get a quote from BUPA, AXA or AVIVA.