How much does health insurance cost UK?

The cost per month, per year or cost over the course of the cover all depends on a few factors and when we call you back to give you a quote we’ll need to ask a few more questions to help us.

If you’re in th UK look at your lifestyle and outgoings, drinks on a night out, lunch from a fast service shop, maybe a subscription to SKY or a lease car. Are all of these more important than your health, or even on the same level? If so then you shouldn’t be deciding on whether you SHOULD join a healthcare scheme but when and at what level of care.

We should value our health and care more on par with our pleasure as good health will pay off in the short, medium and long-term.

For a few minutes add up all the outgoings for meals out, drinks, treats, extra clothes, shoes, membership to films, clubs and anything else that you could actually do without. We’re not saying drop any of them we’re bringing it to your attention that your healthcare should be alongside them!