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FAQ’s on Health Insurance

Our team of advisors will give you a range of free quotes that suit your needs depending on what information you have submitted. You’ll also save time as we take the hassle out of phoning lots of different companies for a quote. We are independent and so are able to search the market – without bias – to find the best option for your budget and circumstances.
Having a policy for private health insurance makes sure that you receive high-quality medical care that is tailored to fit your individual circumstances. Take out a policy gives you peace of mind that you will have quick access to medical experts either for yourself but if taken out your family too.

If you suffer from an illness when covered by private health insurance you can expect to avoid the NHS queues. The costs of the treatment you receive with specialist treatment, high-quality facilities in private hospitals and usually much more will be paid for by your insurer.

This all depends on the individual or applicants and what excess you’re willing to set, a high excess makes the monthly cost cheaper. BUPA health insurance, for example, costs on average about £25 per month along with an excess of £450 for a 35 year old, choose not to have an excess and it increases to £41 per month.