How Much Does Cover Cost?

Private Health QuoteWhen looking into anything whether a holiday, gym membership, a mobile phone contract you always want to know the cost. Either the overall cost or a monthly cost for the service or product offered.

You may also be in the process of comparing them with other companies out there who offer Medical cover plans and looking for the best deal. As people are finding out more and more the cheapest is not always the best option and can end up costing more. An example of this would be not to get fully covered or maybe not get all your family covered with medical insurance. Hopefully it wouldn’t happen but you can bet that because you’ve either not taken out the full cover or missed a few “fitter” members of the family off something might happen to them. Ironic! Sods Law what ever you want to call it.

We are NOT BUPA, AVIVA or AXA but we can compare pricing from a range of health cover companies to give you options to suit your budget and needs.

How Much Does Cover Cost? This all depends on a lot of things but the 4 factors are:

  • How many people you’d like medical cover for.
  • The age of the applicants and health.
  • What type of medical cover you’d like.
  • What excess you’d like to have (like on a car insurance)

For example cost per month would be £21 per month with a £600 excess for a 32 year old female, but it increases to £36 a month with a £0 nil excess.