Cost Per Month?

We usually price a product on tick or service like broadband or mobile phone contract by the monthly cost. This is the same for Health Cover. Although we’d like to think your health is more important than getting the latest model of mobile phone subsidised over 2 or 3 years.

Private Health QuoteThe cost per month for health cover is a lot cheaper than a mobile phone contract or broadband and so should automatically be a decision that outweighs other services. It could be the cost of a meal out per month for one, the cost of that extra new top this month, again your health IS important.

If you would like a quote based on your circumstances, age and needs we can help you, fill out the form above and wait for a call back to confirm a secure a price per month.

We are NOT BUPA or AXA but can compare against quotes given by them to help save you on a monthly cost!